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Custom Made Caravans

Custom Caravans

Roma Caravans was established in 1928 and has been building and manufacturing custom caravans ever since. Roma was among the first caravan brands to be registered in Australia, and we're proud of our history and quality.

We've built our business on the belief that every one of our customers should get a caravan that suits their needs exactly. There is no mass production. Every one of our custom caravans is individually designed and constructed under strict supervision of our manufacturer Roma Caravans.

Caravan Manufacturer, Melbourne

100% MADE with love

We put our hearts into every caravan we build and every Roma caravan gets the Managing Director's personal seal of approval before it leaves the factory. As Roma's Melbourne caravan dealer we back our caravan sales with a genuine 12 month warranty.

We here at Roma Caravans Melbourne are proud of our reputation for quality, which comes from a longstanding existence in the marketplace and an honest relationship with our customers - many of whom come back again and again.

Caravan Manufacturer, Melbourne

A personalised build

Because we sell custom caravans, you are free to choose all the details and be part of the build process from the original specifications, the interior fitout and luxury details, right through to the final inspection and when you get it on the road. Or you can customise part of an existing caravan so it suits you better.

If you are able to visit Campbellfield, you can even watch it being built from the ground up. The sky’s the limit in terms of what can add to the build and the end result will be a highly personal caravan perfectly matched to your needs. 

Caravan Manufacturer, Melbourne

Caravans with a difference

And because of this we lead the way when it comes to designing sophisticated custom caravans built with the Australian caravanner in mind.

“Where customers previously relied on caravan parks for their needs, such as power, water and amenities, we find today's traveller prefers to be independent. They require a product that is self-sufficient for several days or weeks so they can travel to more remote places, or stop anywhere along the way.” 
– Brendan Palmarini, Managing Director, Roma Caravans Melbourne

Not only do we understand the changing expectations of the Australian caravanner inside out, but also the Australian landscape and equip all our custom caravans with a high level of comfort and toughness to enable every customer to have an ultimate caravanning experience.

Caravan Manufacturer, Melbourne

Have the caravan of your dreams!